We found the DJ who will turn We Love Green upside down this year

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Meet Baccus, armed with some serious house and funk bangers.

In our Konbini Radio Club Mix format, we invite a DJ to discover the best sounds to turn a club upside down. Today, we present Baccus, a raw talent made in France with releases on labels such as Chevry, Airtime and PIV. The DJ has come armed with house and funky weapons to get you hyped up and give you a taste of what you can expect during his set at We Love Green, on Friday June 2.

Konbini | Hi Baccus, could you introduce yourself and your mix to our readers?

Baccus| Hello ! Je suis DJ, producteur et chanteur français, passionné de musique house avec un son influencé French touch, funk et minimal. Ce podcast d’une heure représente en partie les univers par lesquels je peux passer lors d’un set !

What are your current projects?

As far as gigs are concerned, in addition to my dates and festivals, I’m lucky enough to be touring at the moment with Folamour’s House of Love team, with whom I’ll have the honor of performing at the We Love Green festival on June 2.

On the release front, “Amore”, my collaboration with Folamour in which I sing, will be out on May 26. You can listen to it exclusively at the end of the podcast! And more great releases to come…

In your opinion, what are the three most popular songs for a festival?

  1. Baccus – “Feel Your Soul”. This is clearly the sound I play when people are hot!
  2. Baccus & Danny Snowden – “Get Away”. The latest track I’ve been playing a lot lately!
  3. Folamour feat. Baccus – “Amore”. The track I can not only play but also sing live, as I was able to do on a date in Stockholm in front of thousands of people. An unforgettable memory.

To catch Baccus at We Love Green, grab your tickets here. It’s happening on June 2, and you’ll also be able to catch Folamour, Eliza Rose and Jayda G.

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