Chevry Agency : our story

Chevry Agency is an artist home, production, booking and management agency based in Paris.

The roster is composed of 19 talents, performing both live instrumentals and DJ-sets. Their music fluctuates between different genres such as house, powerhouse, techno, EBM, breakbeat and IDM.

We represent internationally renowned producers and artists: Vitess, Occibel, DJ Steaw, Fabe (FR), ILyes, THEOS, Baccus, Lauren Lo Sung (FR), Bassam, Loryn, P.O, Emma B, IAMBP, Herr Krank, Jeff The Fool, Deborah Aime La Bagarre, Grand V, Marwan Sabb.

The agency accompanies its artists (strategy, communication, co-production) during their development in France and Europe and ensures the production of their tours worldwide.

During the Covid crisis, the agency reinvented itself to create an exceptional and unique online meeting with its supporters: “The Chevry Show” by proposing music production coaching sessions, talkshows on various themes related to electronic music, blindtests and Live Music show from Chevry Agency artists.

Now looking to the future, the agency will keep on enabling the development of its artists and make the crowds dance across the globe.