To listen : Déborah Aime La Bagarre delivers 1h of retro and solar house

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Déborah Aime La Bagarre delivers 1 hour of house music with 90’s vocals.

In 2017, French DJ and producer Déborah Aime La Bagarre released his first housy EP: Jab. Three and after, he released his melodic banger “Le Monstre du Lockdown” in collaboration with Herr Frank, Vitess, Oden & Fatzo, Jeff The Fool, Marwan Sabb and Future Flash. At the beginning of this year 2023 he unveils his first album, Superfluous, which mixes house, jazz, disco, italo, acid piano and breakbeat influences and invites Paul Cut and Herr Frank. Today, Déborah Aime La Bagarre delivers for Trax a light and warm mix of house music with 90’s vocals and confides on her last and next moves.

Hello, how are you today?

Great and you ? Glad to release my first mix in 5 years with Trax, it’s been almost a long time.

How are you doing right now ?

Composing, digging hard for the summer, questioning the ecological impact of my project and riding my bike without my hands.

You just released your first album Superfluous, can you tell us about it?

Superfluous is the result of many months of composition, pleasure and choices to give birth to 8 dense tracks that illustrate the diversity of the house music that makes me vibrate. From acid piano house to tracks with more rave colors through breakbeat, the intention is to offer productions full of ardour with retro sounds but with a contemporary construction (arrangement) where the use of samples is limited. It is also the fruit of the work of many people who accompanied me on the project (Underscope, Yoyaku, Perception Mastering, Liorzh, Chevry Agency, …) as well as Paul Cut and Herr Krank for the 2 tracks featuring.

The conviviality and the love of the dancefloor in the center thus. Any other projects in the works?

Yes, thanks for asking. A lot of summer hits are coming up with my long time colleague Herr Krank remixed by some very talented friends that you probably know. Also, some solo rides and the search for my front fender that I lost last week are on the agenda.

For those who discover you today, how would you describe your universe and the style(s) of music you play ?

Fascinated by the warm house productions overflowing with piano and vocals from the 90’s, the music I love is full of ardor, sweat and fun and seeks to promote the mobility of the lower limbs in an infectious release. To define my universe with sub-genres, it would be: uplifting soulful ravy euro italo acid piano house music. Or something like that. Or the opposite.

Tu peux nous parler de ce mix que tu as fait pour nous ?

Fidèle à mes goûts, c’est un mix qui sent bon le piano, les lignes de bass robustes, les voix entêtantes, les sonorités éclatantes des 90s et qui se conclu par 2 morceaux de mon album.  De 126 à 133 BPM, il sera parfait pour relever l’ambiance d’une soirée entre qui peine à décoller. 

Dans quelles conditions a-t-il été enregistré ?

Dans des conditions idéales de sécurité, conformément au dispositif actuellement en vigueur. 

Où pourra-t-on te voir jouer prochainement ? 

À Tours, le 24 mars pour les Îlots Électroniques, qui est complet, à Paris le 1er avril au Mazette pour la soirée Chevry et bientôt un peu partout cet été. On est pas à l’abri de passer de très bons moments. 


  1. 2 For Joy – The Rachel Tune (The Irlam Garage Mix)
  2.  MCarleen Anderson – Mama Said (K-klassic mix)
  3. X-Static – I’m Standing (Heavy Organ mix)
  4. Escrima – Deeper (Nush Vocal Mix)
  5. D’Bora – Going Round (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) 
  6. Naka – Movin-‘ (Loopin-‘ Mix)
  7. The Lisa Marie Experience – Do That To Me (The Lisa Marie Vocal Experience Mix Part 1)
  8. Triple Pack – What A Feeling
  9. Rhythm On The Loose – Suitcase At The Door (Break of Dawn 2013) (Boy Raver Remix) 
  10. Deborah Aime La Bagarre – Eurovision (Piano Mix)
  11. Deborah Aime La Bagarre – Extravagante Sobriété