[PREMIERE] Deborah Aime La Bagarre – ‘Truman Flow’ (Average Records)

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In an exclusive interview with DJ Mag France, the French producer unveils an unreleased extract from his debut album ‘Superfluous’, due out this Wednesday.

A new hope on the French house scene, Deborah Aime La Bagarre has built his reputation with 90s music that makes you want to tap your feet. After having released a few singles and EPs, the producer is about to move on to a full-length album, ‘Superfluous’, due out this Wednesday. If three of the tracks that make up the record are already available for listening, Deborah Aime La Bagarre continues to tease it with a new extract to be discovered today exclusively on DJ Mag France. This is ‘Truman Flow’, a single that is in perfect continuity with the style to which the Frenchman has become accustomed. “It’s a track that sounds more like what I was doing three or four years ago. There’s a link with my style from before,” confirms the artist about this track that he also presents as the most vocal of his album. “On the others, there are vocal gimmicks, but on this one, there are sung bits. Above all, this ‘Truman Flow’, cut for the dancefloors, also illustrates Deborah Aime La Bagarre’s love for machines and tinkering. “The objective was to highlight a basic synth preset which is the Yamaha TX81Z. It’s a very well known preset and I wanted my album to have this type of sound”. We’ll let you discover the result without further ado before diving into ‘Superfluous’ in a couple of days.