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To celebrate the famous 1st of April, Chevry Agency will play us happy bad tricks with an exceptional set shifted on 2 stages in Mazette. We tell you more on ItinéraireBis.

An April 1st full of surprises!

No fish in the back on April 1st aboard the Mazette (although), the most festive boat in Paris, but an electronic take-off of 10 hours on 2 stages with Chevry Agency, the French agency with the XXL roster. On the program of this very special event, the first Parisian date of the offbeat DJ SUAT, some of the agency’s leading figures, quality guests and animations designed for the occasion. Beware, good surprises will rain down!

An exceptional eclectic program on 2 stages

On the programming side, the Parisian public will have the chance to enjoy for the first time the madness at the turntables of the British DJ SUAT in the hold of the Mazette. The one who decided to put the club in the street with his livestreams in a kayak (below in Amsterdam playing the track “Lucky Flutter” by the artist Chevry ILyes), in art galleries or in the streets of London will spread his energy to the (lucky) public of Mazette.

SUAT will be very well supported at the turntables of the hold with 3 talents of Chevry Agency: the one who makes drunk all the ears he touches with an intoxicating house Baccus who will perform in b2b with the punchy and catchy house of the excellent Deborah Aime La Bagarre that we love at ItinéraireBis. To finish in beauty, Muse About aka Marwan Sabb will deliver a set with breakbeat and techno sounds ideal to take off until the end of the night.

Before the beginning of the festivities in the hold, the Terrace will start its own from 6 pm (and until 1 am) with the Parisian DJ and producer of Vryche House Yank, the glittery figure of Paillettes Pompettes Carlos used to inflamed audiences and the return of Super Top. A most salutary appetizer. To take his place, go on Facebook and on Dice to take his place.