Frenchman Vitess prepares a sporty “All Night Long” set in a big Parisian club

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It’s definitely a big month for the Badaboum. While we were telling you about the excellent UK Garage night on 21 January, another great line-up is coming up on 27 January. After the British scene, this time it’s the French scene that will be represented. Cock-a-doodle-doo! We regularly talk to you about Chevry Agency and its superb catalogue of artists, and well for this evening Vitess will be in the spotlight! A young producer who delights with his half-rave, half-breakbeat universe, the Parisian is part of this new generation and of this new wave pushing an ever more melodic and transporting electro. The Frenchman recently released his new album “Cyber Zone”, a perfect foretaste of what awaits you.

Whether under his original pseudonym or under his various aliases (Grand V (our favourite), Vytamin or Flamant Rouge), Victor Tescaro always finds the right tone. Not afraid to venture into the paths of a rather mystical deep techno, the boss of the label Retro Futura Records intrigues with his catchy and bewitching universe. His live shows are the best way to discover who Vitess really is. It’s hard-hitting, it’s fast-paced and it’s really well done. That’s why this “All Night Long” will be the best way to discover and explore the different facets of the project. The evening has been sold out for over a week, but some pre-sales will be available at the club entrance at the beginning of the evening.

We also sat down with him for a drink to discuss this date but also more globally about this beautiful project, his life as an artist and his future inspirations. You will find this interview very soon on Guettapen…