Bassam & Mehdi M – A Bosh’s Raveolution [CV07]

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Bassam and Mehdi M are almost regulars at Trommel with their own productions or labels (you probably heard their works on The Void ProjectSakanat or Distrikt Paris on our page already). But they didn’t collaborate until this one. Well, I guess this fact will make a bigger interest for you to press the play button here. The place was chosen perfectly too – CV05 with DMX Krew is one of my favorite records of the last years, on top of which Club Vision Records got a very nice VA earlier this year. You may have already guessed that this one will be totally by our aforementioned guys and we’re going to premiere the last track on the record.

“A Bosh’s Raveolution, like the whole record is built around some “Bosh” and hiding inside the “idea about experiments with Italian house and rave sound”. Can’t say about a big amount of something Italian here, but definitely happy about that piece of rave they got. Joyful melody from the beginning, echoed claps, a few baby scratches – a very nice example of modern nostalgia we got here. Calm but very ravey tune, just as planned. What else have we got on the record?

“Bosh In Town” on the opening of the B-side feels kinda similar – also a lot of echoes and that nostalgic videogame vibe, this time with a pinch of aerobic mood. “Bosh Power” and “Who Killed The Bosh” are their A-side brothers (or sisters?). I think, we didn’t have a record that feels so complete for a long time, actually. Every track is designed for a very crowded party at its peaktime. Literally, you can pick any of this and play with your eyes closed. Still, I’m rather gravitating towards the B2.

The record should drop this year, pre-orders are already in full speed, so, you know – JunoDeejayPhonica or wherever you’re buying your wax.

Bassam & Mehdi M – A Bosh’s Raveolution [CV07]