90’s vinyl passion and eco-responsible fashion: the rich universe of French DJ Emma B

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On Saturday January 21, the rising French DJ Emma Bonneaud will leave the time of a night bass, rave and breaks to offer a house and disco set alongside Todd Terje under the Palais de Tokyo on the occasion of the DISCO DISCO revival night. Meeting with an artist with a unique style and selection.
You are a DJ and entrepreneur of your own brand Oldē.

How do you link these two activities?
Oldē Paris is a vintage clothing brand created over 3 years ago. I have always been attracted to vintage since I was little! I was already hunting for objects with my mother in flea markets, and I especially had a passion for old cameras and vinyls that I hung on the wall to make my decoration (laughs). So it was only natural that I decided to start my own vintage business, alone, by quitting my job at the time and jumping into the fray.

A passion above all, but also a concern for the environment because at the present time, it has become important to think about our planet and our consumption. I wanted to show consumers that it was possible to dress well while thinking about our beautiful planet!

I’m really grateful for the journey I’ve taken and the path my little brand has taken: from Instagram to a real e-commerce site, to a corner at Printemps. And above all, to all the people who helped me in this adventure.

Today, music has taken on a greater importance, and it is sometimes difficult to link the two. I’m in the middle of restructuring the brand, I’m especially looking to recruit and have a team to continue developing Oldē with me. Eventually, I would like to open a boutique and international outlets and also my own label on the music side, which would be related to fashion, always in an eco-friendly way!

“I have an obsession with the late 80s, early 90s to 00’s.”

What are your major influences?
I always say I wasn’t born in the right era (laughs). I have an obsession with the late 80’s, early 90’s to 00’s. Whether it’s for fashion, which can be found in my outfits, for the music and the records I play (mostly 90’s), or even in the field of art (by the decoration that can be found in my home).

Even culture in general: I have a fixation on clubs and parties that took place in the 90’s. I’m very interested in the history of clubs and I read a lot of articles, documentaries and movies. I also sometimes go to old party places, to discover them, to try to remember the parties, and to put myself in the shoes of a character, that fascinates me.

That’s how I got into electronic music, with my first rave party. I was amazed by this world, although it can be harmful. This freedom, the people I met, their stories, their way of life, the music in its entirety, this way of life, it fascinated me immediately.

In fashion, everything was much more fun and sought after at the time, the clothes, the cuts, the materials, but also in music in the sounds, the machines, the story we wanted to tell was much richer than today. I do not criticize at all our time, on the contrary, there were enormous advances, but finally, we always return to the styles which were born at the same time as us.

Your selection doesn’t have any label : break, bass, acid, dub, rave… Is it important for you to have this wide musical spectrum ?
Yes very much, I hate to be labeled and to put artists in boxes. I know that it is difficult today not to classify the artists in styles, and obviously for a promoter and the public it is important to be able to identify with the artists according to what they mix, but I find it a pity not to let the artist express himself.

Why couldn’t a Nina Kraviz do a house set? I want to be able to offer the public a set with a story, to bring them progressively from the beginning to the end, while passing by different styles, that’s also the strength of an artist, to be able to offer a wide musical spectrum. Obviously, we must not spread ourselves too thin because we cannot please everyone and it is important to have “our own style”, as long as it remains in adequacy with what we want to transmit. It’s a risky bet to play disco this Saturday at the Yoyo but I can’t wait, challenges make the artist grow!

Some dates where you recently played and which marked you ?
I had a great year in 2022 and I’m looking forward to 2023. I had great dates, met great people, an incredible audience, all in a friendly way.

I think that 2 dates marked me: the Delta Festival in Marseille this summer, I didn’t know at all how the public was going to react, I was stressed all weekend, and finally an incredible welcome, my best friends and my family present, I even shed my little tear at the end (laughs). And then recently at Fabric, an emblematic club in London, the first time I went there and an incredible energy in room 3, a very well tuned soundsystem, what an honor and pleasure to have played there!

What are your future projects?
On the fashion side, the development of Oldē, with pop ups in France and internationally, collaborations with other brands, and another big secret project. On the music side, the release of my first EP and video but also remixes and collabs with other artists. And also, I’m hoping to launch my own label, which will oscillate between fashion and music!

You are preparing the release of your first EP. What was the creative process? What to expect?
The EP consists of 4 tracks. Two originals and 2 remixes from artists I really admire and am proud to have worked with on this project. I’m doing my first Rex on February 10th with one of my remixers… As far as the style is concerned, we find something rather ravy/club, with energetic sounds inspired by my 90s influences, all in an intoxicating atmosphere. Small more of the pieces, no sample of voice, it is me who sings!